School Info
Matoska International School
2530 Spruce Place
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Phones: 651-653-2847
Transportation: 651-653-2734
Fax: 651-653-2849
Attendance: 651-653-2848
School Hours: 9:15 - 3:40
Office Hours: 7:45 - 4:15
Principal: John Leininger

Webmaster: Carolyn Kay

Fast Pass Information

Greetings Matoska Families


As you recall when we open our new facility, we switched up our before and after school routines. Please make sure to discuss these routines with your child and do not hesitate to call the office if you have questions.



Bus Riders

Buses will pick up and drop off at the front entry on Bellaire Avenue. Please be aware that between 9:00 and 9:20 as well as 3:30 and 3:45 this area will be limited to bus traffic only.


Car Pools/Commuters

Families can now pull into the Spruce Place parking area and drop their children at the West end doors (old main entrance). Please remember that the yellow curb is not a parking area. If you need to come into school, please park in the designated spaces.


Door Hours

All school doors will be locked between 9:15 and 3:30. All visitors will need to enter the building through the Bellaire Main Entrance doors and check in at the office before entering. If the Bellaire parking area is full, there is additional parking in the lot on Spruce Place with a short walk around to the Bellaire doors.



Bus Riders

Buses will load at the Bellaire Entrance. Please be aware that between 3:30 and 3:45 this area will be limited to bus traffic only.


Car Pools/Commuters


Matoska Fast Pass

With parent/guardian permission, pick up students will have an option we are calling Fast Pass. Fast Pass students are students who are picked up every day by a parent/guardian and will be dismissed with neighborhood walkers at 3:35. They will gather in the Spruce Place foyer (old front doors) where they will wait until their ride arrives at the curb. When their ride arrives, they will be able to go directly to the curb to meet their ride. Students will not be allowed to cross the parking lot without a parent/guardian. Please do not leave cars parked on the curb with the Fast Pass system.


Student Pick Up

Parents who wish to pick up their children rather than utilizing the Fast Pass system will need to park in the Spruce Place parking lot and come in to the cafeteria to pick-up their child at 3:35. Because of congestion parents will not be allowed in the classroom area between 3:30 and 3:45. Students will meet their parents in the cafeteria. If picking up before 3:30 parents/guardians will need to check their child out in the office.

Parent Permission Form