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Sunrise Highlights
2018 National History Day
It was an unforgettable experience for Kajsa Hellmark who witnessed her History Day project come to life!  Kajsa was able to meet Mary Beth Tinker, who was involved in the United States Supreme Court case, Tinker v. Des Moines, which involved students who wanted to wear black armbands in opposition to the Vietnam War.  They were told that they would be suspended for wearing the armbands and they wore them anyways.  When the students were suspended, the families embarked on a court battle where the case was taken to the United States Supreme Court.  The students won the case because it was agreed students' free rights should be protected when at school.  Tinker and Kajsa met at the University of Maryland, as students were attending the 2018 National History Day Contest in Maryland!  Congratulations to Kajsa for receiving third place, which is Sunrise Park Middle School's second year in a row having a student earn third place.  It was also an exciting time for Tricia Dennis as she embraced a performance on Fannie Lou Hamer, and soaked in the History Day moment.