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Host Families Needed for Visiting Chinese Teacher

Host Families Needed for Visiting Chinese Teacher

The White Bear Lake Area Schools will be welcoming Chinese teacher Ms. Zhang Houyu to our schools as a guest teacher from March 3 to July 2, 2018.  A local host family is needed. Families can host for one month or for the entire stay.

Since 2010 our partnership with the Hangzhou Foreign Languages School has generated annual exchanges of staff between our schools.  Participating as a host family can be a truly rewarding experience for both parties if you are open and willing to learn from each other.  Additionally, having a native speaker in your home will accelerate your child's study of the Chinese language.

Host families are expected to:

- Provide a bedroom (with no expectations for monetary reimbursement),

- be willing to share your family mealtimes,

- be open to learn about a new culture/foreign language, and

- be available and willing to help the teacher as needed.

As a houseguest, the teacher is expected to:

- keep his/her living space neat and clean and do his/her own laundry,

- help with the preparation/clean-up of meals and household chores,

- occasionally help with grocery shopping, and

- be willing to teach the basics or encourage practice in speaking the

language to any family members.

Please remember that each teacher is carefully screened by both their School and White Bear Lake Area School District staff before coming to our schools to ensure the safety and well being of our students. If you are interested in hosting a Chinese teacher this semester or any time in the future please call Tim Wald, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, at 651-407-7516.